and the starting bell rings…

YES!  Broad smiles and lotsa hugs on the menu as the Jackson Hole Farmers Market got under way on Saturday. We made a new friend at the booth to our left, received a blanket back from a former booth-neighbor who’d been waiting to see us since last fall, traded for raspberries with our old friend Sloan on our right….Ann and Pete Sibley, long-time supporters of farming and farmers, crooned out their now nationally-famous sound at their hometown square and were joined at the mic by their 3 year old daughter for a crowd-pleasing rendition of a blue-grass traditional. It really is a community within a community, and Jackson turns out a lot of regulars eager for their first fresh veggies of the season, and of course, to check out Corrie’s latest artisan jams and sauces. The newest is a roasted garlic jelly (in light roast or dark roast) just fabulous with all kinds of meats. And with the early summer, our garlic scapes are ready too, for anyone who wants the fresh version of garlic in their rice or pasta or salads.

Thursday starts the season in Alpine too, so get your big shopping bags ready for our Star Valley Market: Food, fun, music and craftwork of many kinds. To see what vendors are bringing, check out the Vendors section of our market website at

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