Star Valley rocks!

Fresh Kale–YAY!  Singin’ the Blues blueberry sugar-free Granola–O yeah! Green-tomato Salsa–Superduper good…

Fresh braided bread, Caramel-infused Cupcakes, Servicberry Burgundy Jam–anyone hungry yet??

The elegance of the earth’s own rocks turned to jewelry; the playfulness of Rocky Mountain wildlife sketched to life on notecards–

Calla lillies, basil, tomatoes (already?) herbal remedies, sizzling cheeseburgers or caesar salad and bell pepper pasta for dinner on a picnic table while original music is shared generously from the gazebo stage. Don’t you wish you could be here?

Thursdays, 5-7, Alpine–where you can travel 3 different rivers to arrive at our shady green commons. Ahhhhh.

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