Another great start–

Corrie and Pirate, takin' a break.

Corrie and Pirate, takin’ a break.

We returned to Market Mode on July 6 at the always-fabulous Jackson Hole Farmers Market–and like our own customers, we had been missing our favorite items, and jonesin’ for interesting new items too. So we invested most of our earnings in the products of friends and fellow New Economy aficionados–and we were glad to do so! The holiday weekend brought us lots of customers from afar who took advantage of the ease with which local fruits can travel once they have been stored safely in their jewel-like jars.

On July 11th we joined in with our neighbors at the Star Valley Farmers Market, returning to the park in Alpine. Many thanks to the Town for their support of our venture–it sure does give everyone that warm community glow to share fresh food and fun music. The storm clouds sent wind enough that the tent canopies were dancing, but no rain fell and the spirited evening gave us that fruitful summer feeling.

We are planning to be in Jackson for the first Saturday of August and September, and then the final market there as well. Look for us pretty much every Thursday in Alpine. We will have new flavors throughout the season as new items become harvestable. The herbs are on right now, so for next week, come hungry for the brand new White Wine with Oregano and Rosemary sauce. Another great way to liven up your grilled summer trout or chicken…

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