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Corrie’s family springs from the cold, dry lands of Diamondville, Wyoming, so she’s ready for the intense and rewarding work of raising and preserving healthy food in the high mountain country of Star Valley. She carries an AA in animal husbandry, two bachelor’s degrees: women’s studies and philosophy, and a Master’s in Social Work. Despite all that, she’s a Top Notch Farmer! She loves to visit with people about what she does and why, so Farmer’s Markets are the perfect venue to find her.

Corrie and Pirate

sid continues her work with the National Forest as a natural resource specialist for the Bridger-Teton, while investing her extra time on the farm. She also works as an interpreter for the Farm Storyteller, who crafts short children’s pieces for the blog so kids can meet all the animals at Fool’s Gold Farm.

Zonzo and sid

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  1. 1

    Darlene said,

    Hee-Haw! This is awesome! I’m so impressed by what you two hard working, visionary gals have created. We really want to see you and meet your animals, help out on the land, and sample some of those tasty veggies. Sending you both lots of love, Darlene

  2. 2

    Dawson said,

    Corrie & sid,

    Thanks for the update. Had an opportunity to go through the site…amazing.

    Much different than the urban life I’ve created here in NYC.

    Looking at the pictures and watching the landscape in the video takes me back.

    Please stay in touch.


  3. 4

    Renee Montero Kovach said,

    Corrie, I woke up this morning dreaming about Mrs. Borrowman’s Camp Fire Girls! I typed in all the names and found you! The moment I saw your picture I was grinning ear to ear! It looks like you’re doing great, I’m so happy for you. You really look wonderful!

    I’m living at the beach these days, with a daughter in college (we live at the beach but she heads back to Sacramento, go figure!). My other two daughters are in high school now. Don’t know where the time goes.

    Wishing you well, Corrie. Would love to hear from you!

    Renee Montero Kovach

  4. 5

    Look forward to another successful year at SVFM. We hope to be added HANDMADE BY US items this year.
    John and Jennifer

  5. 6

    Jim Mueller said,


    You’ve come along way kid from the days playing in the sprinkler in 100 degree heat at Manzanita/yosemite streets. I miss going to roseville and no matter how long it had been, goiing to see your mom and dad always brought me back to a time I remember with great thoughts. You and Sid look very happy and I am very happy and proud of what you grown into! My mom & dad are both gone now so i don’t get up there much. My brother Paul is a Chef at ThunderValley casino in Roseville. You wouldn’t recognize Roseville anymore. Anyway, keep up the good life and keep that smile.

    your old friend,
    Jim Mueller

    • 7


      Thanks for the kind words, it was great to hear from you! I still play in the sprinkler, but now I also jump in the horse trough.

      Cheers to you old friend,

  6. 8

    Richard Tapia said,

    Sitting here wondering where the time went. Hope you can make it to the reunion in September. You look great and happy. Hope all is well. Send me a shout out, hope to hear fom you!!!


  7. 9

    Timothy said,

    Hey Gals! It’s Timothy Sides. Loved hangin with you both. J&S are going to bring down the the chili jam next week, and I can’t wait to have it. Expect all is well. Tell Susan to ‘chill out’ at the farmer’s market…please. here’s my email a
    ddress. sides.timothy@gmail.com

  8. 10

    Heya back, Timothy–
    We had a blast playing entrepreneurs next to your pulled pork market barker expertise. Susan responds well to getting laughed at by her friends and family. Thanks for a happy evenin’, and do come back again soon!

  9. 11

    Marcos Codina said,

    Hi Corrie,

    I have been longing for the simpler times of our past and am delighted I was able to come across your operations and wish you continued success in your ventures. You look great. So glad that our paths crossed back in the Kaseberg days.

    Been back in Roseville for over twenty years raising three wonderful boys with my wife. Oldest just graduated from U of Oregon, my middle son is a senior at U of Colorado and my youngest is a freshmen at American River playing baseball.

    Take care and Cheers,

    Marcos Codina

  10. 12

    Howdy from Wyoming Marcos!! What a great surprise to see your note. It’s hard to believe you have grown children, you are too young for that. Life here is good, we are lucky to have the opportunity to live this farm life, love it.

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