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Blue Ribbon Winner!

First Premium

Vin Rose’ Lavender– sprigs and blossoms of fresh-picked lavender suspended in a wine jelly. Ahh, yes. Pick up your very own jar of Corrie’s prize-winning preserves at the Star Valley Farmers Market. See ya there.

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We love our local music–

Alan Goodman brought his beloved saxophone to the Star Valley Farmers Market this week, only–go figure–his bass player bailed on him because he was trying to get his hay baled and beat the rain. So with a little scrounging around, we discovered that Pam from Mountain View Market had a guitar nearby, and John Morgan with Star Valley Alpacas stepped up to the plate as pinch-player. What a treat, to see our little market community just gather itself into a musical ensemble almost out of thin air. Local economies grow out of these simple kinds of neighborly solutions.

Wish i’d gotten a picture! But here’s one of John from last week, with his alpaca fleece products.

John Morgan

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First Market at Jackson Hole

Old home day on Saturday, July 9th, when the Fools return to our old stomping grounds up in Jackson to participate in opening day of the Jackson Hole Farmers Market season. We jumped through the extra hoops required by the ever-vigilant Teton County Environmental Health officers to be able to bring our jams to our faithful northern fans. Whoo Hoo!

Corrie has her ever popular Mixed Berry (blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry), the sinfully delicious Amaretto-Cherry, and you probably haven’t tried this one yet–the gem-quality Pepper Jelly, a perfect accompaniment for pork, chicken, fish or shrimp, or as we eat it here, with cream cheese on crackers on a Sunday evening watching the sunset over the Caribou Mountains.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Purty Pepper Jelly

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Hello Alpine–growing town at the base of Star Valley

Corrie and Pirate

We are excited about the new 2011 Star Valley Farmers Market gathering place at the Marge Grover Memorial Park in Alpine. The Fools will be there from 5:00-7:00 starting this Thursday to meet new friends and enjoy the fresh produce and artistic endeavors of our high Rockies neighbors. We’re always so busy getting ready that it’s a welcome treat to enjoy someone else’s cooking there on market night.

Despite a slow and cold spring, the greens are on, so we’ll have our fabulous salad mix, washed and bagged and ready to eat, along with the super-food Rainbow Chard/Spinach/Arugula mix. We’ll bring radishes for that bold taste, and some early onions, ‘cuz don’t you start every great dish with a little onion sauteed in the pan first?
The signature product from our farm these days, however, continues to be JAM, and Corrie invested those snowy spring days in preserving the fruits from last fall into gem-like jars that are perfect for gift-giving but often don’t make it out of the house, so you might think about buying at least two. Mixed Berry, Strawberry, Apple, Amaretto-Cherry, Nanking Cherry, Lavender Rose’, Pepper Jelly, Raspberry are all on the list already.
We’re really looking forward to seeing you all there!

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Green Greetings




We offer our communities a direct connection to the sun, soil and waters of western Wyoming through healthy foods raised and harvested with awareness of the long-term productive needs of both people and the planet.

Wendell Berry:

“…a good farm…exists for many reasons, including the pleasure of the farm family, their affection for their home, their satisfaction in their good work–in short, their patriotism. Such a farm yields its economic product as a sort of side effect of the health of the flourishing place in which things live according to their nature.”

We form an interconnected community with our customers, re-creating honorable ways of living in partnership with a bounteous universe and a dynamically balanced world.

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Harvest Happiness

Hopefully you, too, have been occupied with putting up the harvests and getting out into the fabulous world of wild fall–then you won’t have missed any news from the Fools! We have an amazing cellar full of canned fruit sauces and jams, tomato sauces, hot pepper jellies, and of course root crops are still coming in strong, unaffected by the nightly frosts. What a feelin’….

And too, it feels great that people have continued to support the Star Valley Farmers Market, despite the many barriers of busy lives and long distances. We are especially grateful to the other stalwart vendors who put their beliefs in a resilient local economy into action every week, and who have so much fun while doing it. We love the visiting and the bartering, and the local MUSIC too. Even though the Market is over for the season, some of our friends/neighbors/customers are still asking for farm products, so if you feel like you’re missing out, give a call and see if we have something you’re hungering for.

Garlic planting time is almost upon us, so we’re expecting some solid bonding time with our fields. Dirt under the dibble, migrating hawks overhead, elk bugling from the snowy peaks nearby…ahhh.

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Great Galloping Garlic, Batman

What a convivial way to invest a late summer day…harvesting, cleaning, tieing and hanging  garlic to ‘season’ or dry.  Sometimes easy conversation circles around through the rows on the mellow breeze–ideas for the Farmers Market, or thoughts about holiday season vendor opportunities, or just laughing at the big orange cat rolling in the dry soil. Sometimes just the world is heard as the garlic skins are brushed off or peeled down a little–the redtail hawks with their awe-inspiring screech, the ravens’ guttural call, the hummingbirds and their buzzing wings as they speed by, a horse nickering. Hour after hour, with breaks for food or water or to take care of baby guineas that Willa successfully hatched out, but always returning to the glorious garlic aroma of field or drying barn.

Our stalwart German Xtra Hardy, now in its 5th season here, just keeps on huge and hearty. Our new softneck garlics–heirloom varieties of Italy from Seed Savers–are new to this soil and climate. They are smaller and often sport interesting shapes, or a tiered double bulb effect. They were never commercial, and have retained the more variable character of their homeland.

We will bring some garlic to our Farmers Market this Thursday, although people will have to restrain themselves for at least another week while they finish seasoning before beginning to dice and squish aromatic cloves  into favorite dishes. Jackson Hole friends–we expect to be up your way for at least a couple of Saturday markets on the Square. Look for us on Sept. 4th and 11th, sharing a booth with the dog biscuit baker gals.

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Midsummer’s Here!

Happy Lammas to all you pagans out there–and may this cross-quarter find you with hearty harvests and healthy friends. We can feel the wheel of the year turning a bit as August arrives, with the blackbirds gathering into flocks already, the day’s heat being matched again by the night’s chill, and the first currants ripening on the thick bushes in gold and red and black.

How perfect that this is National Farmers Market week. We had so much fun last week with some of our favorite valley musicians. Haystack Orchards’ Jon and Susan Sides have switched over to the north edge of the vendor circle with us, and we really enjoy visiting with them between guests. Corrie’s new Lavender Rose’ jelly was a big hit too, glowing in sunset pink on the table next to the verdant peas.

So do stop on down Thursday evening for the fresh and local option–good for you, for our community and the planet too. See ya there!

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In the heat of farm season

We had a great time at the summer solstice (our farm’s anniversary!) with all the fun vendors from across the Greater Yellowstone who participated in the Heritage Foods Festival in Jackson. The event was sponsored by Vista360, connecting mountain peoples around the world, and started off Friday night with a Japanese Fire Festival. Corrie kept the crowd laughing, even as they learned about soil tilth and its critical importance in sustaining agriculture into the future. State folklorists were on hand to conduct the interviews with different vendors. We visited with people from far-flung places like Texas, Ohio, Georgia and Connecticut, all eager to try the wild-crafted or locally-grown preserves. And finally the Star Valley Farmers Market is underway, with great opening night music from John and Dawn Davis, a new vendor offering up some of the smoothest fudge on the planet and another new vendor with elaborately tooled leather and tiny fringed chaps for the small fry . Of course, gathering with our old friends is always the best part! If you haven’t already, start making Thursday nights at Haderlie Farms a part of your weekly traditions, and you’ll be an old friend soon too.

Purple-top Turnips

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Gettin’ there

Phew–so much goin’ on. Sorry it’s been a while since we wrote. Feels like we were on a habitat restoration project most of the weekend…Planting trees and shrubs all over the place, and weeding and mulching the ones that have survived from previous years too. The voles have had a banner year all over the valley, and they sure seem to enjoy pines and apples. Most of the serviceberries, chokecherries, wild plums, nanking cherries and golden currants continue on strong, however, and we keep adding more. They already bring more avian variety around. Diversity is a plus, even on a small 20-acre farm. Horses are out on the east pasture, donkeys help mow around the berries. Danu the pregnant goat will get a new pasture tomorrow, as soon as the fence charger is ready to go.

We also got another small garden planted before the rain last night, so finally some spuds are in. They should be covered with enuf straw to tide them over until the nights warm up. Frosty ones continue to be more common that not, so the soil stays too cool for many things to germinate. Trying to be patient and not plant too soon.

Corrie invested another recent rainy day in making more jam for the upcoming Fire Festival in Jackson. This is an annual summer solstice gathering hosted by Vista 360, a group dedicated to linking mountain communities around the world. This year’s Street Fair theme is Greater Yellowstone Foodways, and we are looking forward to meeting more people from around the north and east of the ecosystem. Friday night is a Japanese traditional fire lighting ceremony; Saturday is the Fair on the Square; Sunday family activities in Teton Village. Come visit us there on June 19th. We will be offering the fabulous new Huckle-Razz jam (ooolala!).

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