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YES–we can ship to you!

So many friends across the country have asked us to send them a taste of Wyoming. And though jars of jam don’t work so well, we have to say the GARLIC ships like a charm.
You can choose from our classic German Xtra Hardy–great for roasting whole cloves–to the heirloom Italian–a quirky softneck with a kick–or the gorgeous Italian red. All of them go for $10/pound, and will hold their freshness all winter if kept cool, dark and dry. Give a call at 307-248-3339 or drop a note here if you’re interested.

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Time to honor everyone’s dreams and vision at our annual end-of-season potluck. Join us October 13th (check SVFM Facebook or website pages for the location, in case i don’t get it up here).

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Feel the Rhythm–

The planet is spinning into autumn, bringing the final Farmers Markets of the season. It’s the world beat we know well, each year a song unto itself.

And at the Star Valley Farmers Market, each time we gather we revel in the songs our community brings. Thursday night we boogeyed out with John Morgan’s ‘As Yet Unnamed Blues Band’, where he was joined by the inimitable sax of market regular Alan Goodman and two new recruits to the ‘Locals’ cause. Tomorrow, for the very last market of 2011, the renowned Star Valley High School Bluegrass Band will grace the grass at the Alpine community park where we’ll be set up among our friends. We’ll share the garlic that grows so well in the Rocky Mountain rocks, and demonstrate how a little magic can turn the delicious fruits thriving all around us into a winter’s supply of jams, jellies and sauces.

Jewel Jam

Crabapples have emerged as the new jewel of the week–come try it out!

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Meet Ya at the Market

Corrie and her Craft

It’s all about friends and neighbors, sharing their optimism, their insights, their ideas and secrets, and yes, the products of their passions, be it the craft of creative jam flavors, mysteriously-shaped kohlrabi, sourdough biscuits or freshly-concocted supper options. And this week, the Valley Cats are back with their passion for danceable–and singable–swing tunes. Come celebrate everyone!

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Star Valley Ranch Silo

Ah–thanks to all the volunteers who put together the first Craft Fair of the season. We just found out about it in time to have a fresh batch of pepper jelly ready for the eager crowd, and ooo-yeah, the Serviceberry-Burgundy has begun!

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It’s a Spice, a Vegetable, a Root, a Health Supplement


The big moment is here–GARLIC HARVEST is in! Are these not beautiful?? And with over 1000 bulbs hanging safely in their drying sheds, surely some have your family’s name on them. Stored in a cool, dry and dark place at your home, they will last all winter, so get your supply before the market season finishes up.

AND our faithful customers have been patiently awaiting the next batch of nanking cherry jams. The good news is: we collected over 20 pounds from our queenly bushes over the weekend, and they are turning into jam as this post is being typed. Can you say YUM!?               We will see y’all on Thursday in Alpine. Lookin’ forward to it–

Nanking cherries

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Blue Ribbon Winner!

First Premium

Vin Rose’ Lavender– sprigs and blossoms of fresh-picked lavender suspended in a wine jelly. Ahh, yes. Pick up your very own jar of Corrie’s prize-winning preserves at the Star Valley Farmers Market. See ya there.

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