Garlic Jammin’

Dear new friends from Boise:  Thanks so much for your interest in the farm–Corrie was having so much fun visiting with you that she forgot to mention:  don’t refrigerate the garlic jam! It will crystalize, like honey. If you forget though, and put it in the ‘fridge cuz that’s where jars generally go when you’re done using them, here’s a hint (yep, been there, done that)…just put the jar in a pot of gently boiling water and the jam will smooth right back out.

Enjoy! And tell us about your favorite way to use it–

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Garlic gets ya Goin’!

Can you believe it? Labor Day weekend is upon us–and the good news is GARLIC’s ready!

Join us at the Star Valley Farmers Market tonight for all the latest in preserves, plus the first of the garlic harvest.

Sage-Chardonnay is the newest flavor of jelly, and it is almost too gorgeous to eat. Emphasis, however, on the ALMOST, because it is equally as delicious as it is beautiful. That Corrie has become such an artiste….For those of you who have been waiting, this year’s Serviceberry-Burgundy is finally out as well. Not many serviceberries made it through the drought, but oh, how luscious to serve some up. Try it on a cheesecake, or pound cake or ice cream. Toast becomes fit for a prince, but if you really want to impress the in-laws, put some on an elk steak.

See you there!

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Midsummer Madness

Sunshine, soil and water–

Time to get the hay cut, baled, gathered up and stacked in the barns…but of course, it’s also time to pick berries. The fruits of the earth abound, and here at Fool’s Gold Farm, we take pride in making good use of all the varied efforts the good earth offers in the way of edible fruits around Star Valley. We are called to collect at friends and neighbors’, we screech to a halt driving past loaded bushes on the Forest, we carry water to the edible wind breaks we have planted across the farm, we crawl along tipping up the crowded leaves in our berry patches. We celebrated the actual midsummer’s eve, on a full moon night, at the Star Valley Market, and no matter what, we can’t be too busy to miss out on a mid-season Farmers Market in Jackson Hole. Strawberries are bubbling away on the stove as this goes to press….and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow, bright and early, on the Town Square!

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Star Valley rocks!

Fresh Kale–YAY!  Singin’ the Blues blueberry sugar-free Granola–O yeah! Green-tomato Salsa–Superduper good…

Fresh braided bread, Caramel-infused Cupcakes, Servicberry Burgundy Jam–anyone hungry yet??

The elegance of the earth’s own rocks turned to jewelry; the playfulness of Rocky Mountain wildlife sketched to life on notecards–

Calla lillies, basil, tomatoes (already?) herbal remedies, sizzling cheeseburgers or caesar salad and bell pepper pasta for dinner on a picnic table while original music is shared generously from the gazebo stage. Don’t you wish you could be here?

Thursdays, 5-7, Alpine–where you can travel 3 different rivers to arrive at our shady green commons. Ahhhhh.

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and the starting bell rings…

YES!  Broad smiles and lotsa hugs on the menu as the Jackson Hole Farmers Market got under way on Saturday. We made a new friend at the booth to our left, received a blanket back from a former booth-neighbor who’d been waiting to see us since last fall, traded for raspberries with our old friend Sloan on our right….Ann and Pete Sibley, long-time supporters of farming and farmers, crooned out their now nationally-famous sound at their hometown square and were joined at the mic by their 3 year old daughter for a crowd-pleasing rendition of a blue-grass traditional. It really is a community within a community, and Jackson turns out a lot of regulars eager for their first fresh veggies of the season, and of course, to check out Corrie’s latest artisan jams and sauces. The newest is a roasted garlic jelly (in light roast or dark roast) just fabulous with all kinds of meats. And with the early summer, our garlic scapes are ready too, for anyone who wants the fresh version of garlic in their rice or pasta or salads.

Thursday starts the season in Alpine too, so get your big shopping bags ready for our Star Valley Market: Food, fun, music and craftwork of many kinds. To see what vendors are bringing, check out the Vendors section of our market website at

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Be there! Starting July 12th in Alpine’s Marge Grover Memorial Park.

Lotsa Fun for Everyone–

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Rainy Days on Fridays…

Saskatoon in Bloom

Ahhh–the sound of rain, the smell of softened dirt. Green things gulping in the freshet. Spring claims her space back from a too-early summer, and i have my incentive to get back on the blog. For all of you who have been asking–YES!  The Star Valley Farmers Market will return to Alpine’s Marge Grover Memorial Park  again this year, keeping our Thursday night tradition, 5-7 pm. The team is planning on new ways to involve more of the community in all the fun, incorporating Arts Walks and Cooking Contests and other exciting additions. We love our evenings with friends old and new, tapping our toes to the beat of whatever drummer has chosen to share the groove that day. We get started July 19th, and will run through all of September. If you have questions or want to find a way to be part of the excitement, selling or performing or exploring the better way of local business and entrepreneurship by helping with market organizational tasks, contact Phyllis, our market manager, at

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