What you might find at the Fool’s Gold Farm table:

Sunshine, soil and water--

Sunshine, soil and water–

Corrie’s creative instincts have come to life as she’s experimented with turning our Wyoming fruits, vegetables and herbs into jewel-like jams, jellies, sauces, syrups and marinades. These preserves retain the brilliant colors and bold energies of summer well into the stolid icy months–so whether you’re planning on eating them up at a midsummer’s barbecue or gifting them to far-flung family for midwinter holidays, you’ve got a sure favorite on your hands.These are hand-crafted, made in small batches in a home kitchen. Most flavors have been safety-tested by the state lab.

Savory Flavors–great for cheese and crackers or on meats and in eggs
Vin Rose’ Lavender: made with a blush wine and our culinary lavender sprigs
Serviceberry Burgundy: wild-crafted from nearby forest berries, perfect marinade for venison
Pepper Jelly: happy splashes of colorful peppers in a sunshiney cider base
Garlic Jelly: our heirloom garlics in light or dark roasted options
Oregano-Rosemary Jelly: herbaciously delicious
Fresh Mint Jelly: classic flavor, organically home-grown
Chardonnay Sage: what could be more Wyoming than the taste of sage
Crabapple Ginger: Homegrown crabapples with a flare of ginger, great with strong cheeses.

Sweet Treats–not just for toast or pancakes, try on ice cream and yogurt
Chokecherry: a small wild cherry beloved for generations (don’t let the name fool ya)
Raspberry: oooo-la-la red, will keep your family well-fed
Strawberry: keeping perennials without herbicides takes work; but it’s important
Strawberry-Currant: better than any sweet-tart candy, the best of both flavors
Black Currant: this one could go on either list; extremely versatile
Golden Currant Chablis: so sparkly, somehow feels like champagne on your tongue
Nanking Cherry: this little northern fruit loves its new Wyoming home
Peach/Spiced Peach: seasonal peaches from the gals in nearby Salt Lake valley
Plum: only available when the plums cooperate, but oh what a lush texture
Gooseberry: one taste to understand why pioneers treasured this one
Strawberry Lavender: mixing things up a little for extra magic
Green Plum: another heirloom tree discovered at our neighbor’s, fruit ripens to green
Amaretto Cherry: classic combo of almond flavor with our tart Nankings
Crabapple: if the kids (or you!) like peanut-butter, this one is the perfect complement
Hot Damn Crabapple: cinnamon schnapps adds a spicy adult bite to this classic


New for 2013:

Calling all bakers–homemade Vanilla from organic Madagascar Bourbon Beans and vodka

Bay Rum Skin Tonic with orange zest, or Bay Rum and lime (with aloe)–these are excellent old-timey handcrafted gifts, but also work wonders for those of us who live in this high-and-dry area.

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