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Hazel--a solar converter supreme

Hazel–a solar converter supreme

Intelligent farm customers know cooperative relationships with producers best sustain health for people, our communities, other beings and the land.

‘Farming the old-fashioned way’ naturally builds soils for the future rather than starving and poisoning them—-which is our way of thinking seven generations ahead. While we haven’t added the expense of organic certification to our products, we choose to live with a lot of wild plants instead of herbicides, and we employ a lot of rescue cats instead of pesticides. Part of our favorite future solution is a fabulous old-fashioned value:  the sense of contentment that arises naturally from a working farmscape. This pleasure in the farm works solidly against the everlasting discontent and pervasive greed that other modern ways of living have fostered, to the planet’s great peril.

We invite you to enjoy our products, while contributing to energy independence and food security, by eating locally from a largely hand-powered farm. Our working animals and fruitful plants also convert solar energy for all of us to enjoy!

Individual freedom requires social responsibility. (Anonymous)

Patriotism defined by America’s great farmer-philosopher-poet, Wendell Berry: 
“…citizens must love their land….They must not, for any price, destroy its beauty, its health, or its productivity.”

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