Happy New Year Y’all!

Wow it’s 2019, well we here on the farm are sure enough ready for the new year. I for one love winter here in beautiful Star Valley. Things slow down a little and the winters here are beautiful. Thought I’d throw in some pictures of the producers of the berries that create the jams I make. This first picture is one of the Serviceberry bushes that makes up the Serviceberry Burgundy and Sangria Serviceberry jams and syrups. The second picture is the canyon where our irrigation water flows down the mountain and on to our farm to water and produce our wonderful berries for the jams and syrups.The third picture is our Nan King Cherry bush. Yes this little bush makes the cherries for the Amaretto Cherry and Cherry jams. (If I can get enough away from the birds that crazy about them).

We all wish everyone a happy, healthy new year and I’ll see y’all at the Farmer’s Market in Alpine!



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The new year is a comin!

Well I hope everyone is ready for the new year, because like it or not she’s a comin. The farm is all buttoned down for the winter and all the animals are fat and happy, as is the farmer! We added a couple of kitties to our herd yesterday, Ellie and Whiskie. They are house cats for a while but they both are looking out the windows with love in their eyes for the farm.

Happy New Year y’all and be safe out there!

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Winter on the farm

It’s winter here on the farm and life is good. We had a great season this year thanks to Mother Nature and all the snow last winter. Added some new jam flavors: hawthorn, jostaberry and crabapple jalapeno. If anyone is interested in buying jam in the off season let me know and we can figure something out. Wishing y’all a great New Year and remember to be careful out there.

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So here we are…

Things are pretty quiet here on the farm, it’s snowing and we are happy! Hope everyone had a great holiday season and a wonderful New Year. We had a great time at the market last year, looking forward to another great season this year. Come out and support your local farmers, bakers and crafters at the 2016 market season.

I have a lot of jam made if you need to restock let me know and I can set you up. I have gotten very excited about gooseberries this past year. I planted 30 bushes last year, so I will have a lot of gooseberry jam on hand this year!

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Craft Fair and Flea Market March 6th and 7th

??????????Howdy everyone from Fool’s Gold Farm,

I just wanted to update this web site a bit and let y’all know we will be selling at the Western Wyoming Rifleman’s Association’s Craft Fair and Flea Market at the fair grounds in Afton . Market runs: March 6th from 3pm to 7pm and March 7th from 9am to 3pm.

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Another great start–

Corrie and Pirate, takin' a break.

Corrie and Pirate, takin’ a break.

We returned to Market Mode on July 6 at the always-fabulous Jackson Hole Farmers Market–and like our own customers, we had been missing our favorite items, and jonesin’ for interesting new items too. So we invested most of our earnings in the products of friends and fellow New Economy aficionados–and we were glad to do so! The holiday weekend brought us lots of customers from afar who took advantage of the ease with which local fruits can travel once they have been stored safely in their jewel-like jars.

On July 11th we joined in with our neighbors at the Star Valley Farmers Market, returning to the park in Alpine. Many thanks to the Town for their support of our venture–it sure does give everyone that warm community glow to share fresh food and fun music. The storm clouds sent wind enough that the tent canopies were dancing, but no rain fell and the spirited evening gave us that fruitful summer feeling.

We are planning to be in Jackson for the first Saturday of August and September, and then the final market there as well. Look for us pretty much every Thursday in Alpine. We will have new flavors throughout the season as new items become harvestable. The herbs are on right now, so for next week, come hungry for the brand new White Wine with Oregano and Rosemary sauce. Another great way to liven up your grilled summer trout or chicken…

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Holidays are Happenin’

a sample of upcoming wares

a sample of upcoming wares

Yep, here they come….

Halloween/All Hallows/All Souls/Samhain: that turning from fall toward winter that ushers in the season of the CRAFT FAIRS.  Corrie had a lot of fun in Etna on November 3rd, sharing the jewel jars of jams, jellies and sauces with friends old and new at the community center. Quite a few pounds of great garlics found their way into new homes as well, offering good health and superb taste through the long flu season.

Next up: Afton Fairgrounds on November 17th, a benefit craft fair for STAR, the valley’s therapeutic riding organization. So stop on down for whatever flavor you’re hungerin’ after, or for those homegrown gifts you’re gathering for the relatives.

Stay posted too, because every venture brings news about other opportunities. Latest possibilities include another in Star Valley and one in Jackson Hole. Let us know if your community is holding a gathering, and maybe we can fit it in.

See you soon!

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Garlic Jammin’

Dear new friends from Boise:  Thanks so much for your interest in the farm–Corrie was having so much fun visiting with you that she forgot to mention:  don’t refrigerate the garlic jam! It will crystalize, like honey. If you forget though, and put it in the ‘fridge cuz that’s where jars generally go when you’re done using them, here’s a hint (yep, been there, done that)…just put the jar in a pot of gently boiling water and the jam will smooth right back out.

Enjoy! And tell us about your favorite way to use it–

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Garlic gets ya Goin’!

Can you believe it? Labor Day weekend is upon us–and the good news is GARLIC’s ready!

Join us at the Star Valley Farmers Market tonight for all the latest in preserves, plus the first of the garlic harvest.

Sage-Chardonnay is the newest flavor of jelly, and it is almost too gorgeous to eat. Emphasis, however, on the ALMOST, because it is equally as delicious as it is beautiful. That Corrie has become such an artiste….For those of you who have been waiting, this year’s Serviceberry-Burgundy is finally out as well. Not many serviceberries made it through the drought, but oh, how luscious to serve some up. Try it on a cheesecake, or pound cake or ice cream. Toast becomes fit for a prince, but if you really want to impress the in-laws, put some on an elk steak.

See you there!

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Midsummer Madness

Sunshine, soil and water–

Time to get the hay cut, baled, gathered up and stacked in the barns…but of course, it’s also time to pick berries. The fruits of the earth abound, and here at Fool’s Gold Farm, we take pride in making good use of all the varied efforts the good earth offers in the way of edible fruits around Star Valley. We are called to collect at friends and neighbors’, we screech to a halt driving past loaded bushes on the Forest, we carry water to the edible wind breaks we have planted across the farm, we crawl along tipping up the crowded leaves in our berry patches. We celebrated the actual midsummer’s eve, on a full moon night, at the Star Valley Market, and no matter what, we can’t be too busy to miss out on a mid-season Farmers Market in Jackson Hole. Strawberries are bubbling away on the stove as this goes to press….and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow, bright and early, on the Town Square!

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